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Monica Vinader

2015 saw the tenth anniversary of Monica Vinader at Liberty. We sat down with the brand’s founder to catch up on the last decade and what’s to come in the future.

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Monica Vinader’s eponymous brand has become a byword for contemporary, collectable jewellery, with its engraveable Fiji bracelets and stacking rings a must-have for the fashion set. Founded in 2002, it wasn’t long before the brand entered the Liberty Jewellery Hall, and it’s now celebrating a ten year residency with an exclusive collection:

“I have a real soft spot for Liberty because when I was growing up, we would visit the store every time we were in London. Mum used to buy Liberty fabrics and make all of mine and my sister’s dresses from it. She’s now doing the same for my daughter and has even handed down some of my childhood clothes to her. It’s become a bit of a tradition in our family, which I love. When Liberty asked to stock my jewellery, I felt honoured. This wonderful institution I knew so well was stocking my brand – that was a very proud moment.”

Of her designs, Monica credits her art school roots as a sculptor for their organic shapes: “Over the years, our collections have become sharper and sleeker, but one thing I’ve always been fascinated by is gemstones. You can see this as much in our archive pieces for Liberty as in our newest collections today.”

Aside from working with gemstones and bright colours, Monica’s design ethos is to create precious jewellery that’s ultimately wearable. So while diamonds are the traditional way to mark a ten year anniversary, Monica believes:

"Jewellery shouldn't be stowed away for special occasions. Our diamonds are as much about treating yourself and your friends on a whim as they are about waiting for that special gift from a loved one."

Monica Vinader

It is this drive to create covetable, accessible pieces that has lent a personal touch to Monica Vinader collections – whichever piece you invest in, there is a way to make it your own by stacking, engraving or layering. As we meet, Monica is wearing her Liberty stacking rings with clashing bright colours, and using the Square Facet ring as a cocktail piece: “I add Siren earrings for extra glamour,” but the mix-and-match options are endless.

Maintaining a strict sense of identity as a designer in such a fast-growing brand is no easy feat, but as Monica Vinader reaches an ever-growing list of global locations the founder is determined to stick to her original mantra: “Creating jewellery that I personally love and can’t wait to wear every day.”

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