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Lulu Frost

Lulu Frost founder Lisa Salzer lets us in on the life of a New York jewellery designer. Meet her in-store from 27 - 29 October.

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Designer Lisa Salzer is the creative force behind Lulu Frost, a constant-favourite name in the Liberty jewellery hall. Named in memory of Salzer’s grandmother, Lulu Frost designs celebrate the antique and modern in equal measure. Lisa invited us to her workspace and inside the creative world of a New York jewellery designer.

Based in the Flatiron District of NYC in the old Lord and Taylor department store building, the Lulu Frost studio/showroom is at the heart of the city’s creative hub - but it hasn’t always been this glamorous: “I started the company 10 years ago out of my college dorm room - which was the size of my bed - then for the first three years after college I ran Lulu Frost from my apartment.”

Today, the newly-installed showroom (specially designed by artist Katie Martinez to reflect Salzer’s love of a vintage aesthetic with a modern twist) is “clean and modern, but with a definite warmth thanks to touches of greenery and weathered wood.”

As a vintage collector as well as a designer, Lisa’s pieces often feature re-worked antiques or unexpected details, like a Victorian shoe buckle or an Art Deco element. When designing a Lulu Frost collection Salzer begins by “either researching a historical time period and the corresponding jewellery trends, or taking inspiration from vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces in my archive.” Exploiting New York’s melting pot culture, she credits the city’s galleries and markets, as well as the individuality of the women (and men) she designs for, as sources for inspiration.

When it comes to her own wardrobe, what does a day in the Lulu Frost showroom look like for Lisa? “When we have buyers or important meetings I love to wear high waisted skirts and crop tops, then load on tons of Lulu Frost jewellery.” And when things get hectic, what are her calming indulgences? “I love our Diptyque electric aroma diffuser. Once in a while, I need a decadent snack and go to Beecher's Cheese Shop across the street from our office, for their insanely great mac-n-cheese or sea salt chocolate chip cookies.” And as for what’s next for Lulu Frost designs, Salzer is currently exploring the Victorian concept of “Acrostic jewellery”, using diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald sapphire and turquoise stones.

Meet Lisa Salzer in-store 27 - 29 October. Find out more

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