Karen Walker’s Superstars

From sunglasses to personal heroes, these are Karen Walker’s superstars. . .

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Every year, Karen Walker inducts her most iconic shapes into the Superstars collection, reinventing much-loved styles with reflective lenses, metallic trims and playful bolts of colour. To celebrate this season’s crop, we got the inside track on what makes a Superstar in Karen Walker’s world.

Why this collection now?
This is our third year of doing Superstars, we pick our most-loved shapes and we add reflective lenses and other details. The inspiration originally was photos of the Apollo missions - the big helmet with the reflective visor. It’s an opportunity to play with colour too, and it’s always very limited edition.

Why these styles?
We go with our most-loved styles, the ones our customers are embracing and wanting to come back to again and again. What we find is that our customers say love the style, love the shape, but want something fresh! So we’ll flatten it out, blow it up, add a trim, a new colour or lens. It’s about reinventing our most-loved shapes so our customers can come back and add to their collection but stay with the shape they love.

Who is your Karen Walker superstar?
Lena Dunham has worn Karen Walker a lot, she’s one of my favourites because she really captures the brand, that anti it-girl, pure talent, fun and intelligence. She’s always going to be the most interesting girl at the party.

Style superstar
Charlotte Rampling! Just that kind of mannish elegance, I love that.

Career superstar
Steve Jobs, in terms of the importance of the idea in business.

New Zealand superstar
Lorde! I love Lorde. She lives around the corner from me.

Life superstar
My husband- we just celebrated 25 years of marriage. To be married to someone that long is a very special thing, and you have to really love and respect your partner to build a relationship like that.

Superstar moment
With a fashion career especially, you can’t build a career on one thing. When I’m asked what was the breakthrough moment, and it was a million things. I always compare it to coral, it’s lots and lots of individual shells joined together. You don’t see that growing, just like building a brand. It’s about building it very slowly and carefully over time, and guarding it with your life but still putting it out there and testing its elasticity. When I look at my career there isn’t one moment, there are thousands of highlights and lowlights, successes and failures.

Superstar superpower
I play this game with my daughter! She always goes for flying or invisibility but I think I’d go for time travel, that would be awesome. I’m a big Dr Who fan, especially with Peter Capaldi, so I’d take the TARDIS! That’s my inner geek, my PR team keeps it on the lowdown but it’s there big time.

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