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Lolita Jacobs

The Courrèges style director talks brand revival, couture heritage and British fashion

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Parisian art director and sometime model Lolita Jacobs has worked with Sébastian Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant of Coperni Femme for over seven years as a muse, collaborator and now style director. Reviving couture fashion house Courrèges is the trio’s latest project, with the first collection landing for SS16 to huge acclaim. We caught up with Jacobs ahead of the brand’s AW16 launch. . .

What was the most important thing for you when relaunching Courrèges?First, the most important thing was to immerse ourselves in Courrèges history in order to understand André Courrèges and his unique approach to pure style rather than just fashion. To re-evaluate the needs and desires of the modern Courrèges woman, and build an entirely new image celebrating youth and tomorrow. To surprise, innovate, think outside the box and stay true to the wittiness of the brand.

How have you moved the brand’s heritage forward?By thinking of a new ways to build the collection, and presenting it by categories rather than looks. [We want to] impose a cool, radical and modern wardrobe for a woman of our time, ready to take on tomorrow. The heritage is so powerful; Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant wanted to study each iconic piece and bring them to new shapes. As a woman, I feel very confident in mixing each jacket/dress/skirt with everything, it brings a strong touch to a woman’s everyday wardrobe.

What’s the most important part of your job?Working alongside the designers and helping them figure out a good balance between the amazing Courrèges heritage and the modernity they are all about, being their women’s eye, doing research, building on ideas, meeting new photographers, shooting stories and always being coherent with the new Courrèges image.

What’s been your biggest achievement career-wise?I am very proud of what I have learnt from the people I have assisted along the way, starting from art direction to styling, and meeting Arnaud Vaillant & Sébastien Meyer seven years ago: the beginning of a beautiful collaboration.

Why is Courrèges a great fit for Liberty’s fashion floor?The selection at Liberty is so clever; Courrèges brings a feeling of temporality as well as freshness to the fashion floor.

What’s different about AW16 for Courrèges?AW16 is a continuation of the first statement collection, focusing on technology and practicality. The collection was built around the idea of a modern winter wardrobe for an active and determined woman.

What do you love about Liberty?The quality and intelligence of the brand selection. I always come to Liberty first when I am in London, the venue is mythical and I always discover something cool you can't find anywhere else. The homeware floor is also my favourite.

What’s your favourite thing about London and fashion in London?I am obsessed with the freedom of British fashion. My favourite things about London are actually the British people and their sense of humour, the always-inspiring art shows, the quality of the vintage stands at Portobello on Fridays and [Columbia Road] flower market in East London.

How would you describe your personal style?My personal style can vary with my mood, I can be super feminine and what I suppose is called Parisienne, but also rather masculine with a suit and slippers. My makeup is always very natural.

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