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Maria Tash

A quick-fire piercing round-up from jewellery designer and piercer to the stars, Maria Tash, as her first non-US studio opens exclusively at Liberty

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In her 20 year jewellery career, Maria Tash has built her brand of personalised, design-led piercing to unrivalled heights, owning the industry with creative ear compositions irresistible to the fashion pack. If you’ve seen an enviable ear, it’s likely Tash and her team were behind it. After the success of her pop-up last year, Maria Tash is setting up her first permanent base outside the US on Liberty’s ground floor: “I am honoured to be welcomed into Liberty’s finely curated selection of top designers. . . we are privileged and thrilled to be in this historic UK location.”

Hottest piercing trend of 2016:I'd say that the much neglected place where the lobe meets the cartilage, which is not frequently adorned (A 6th or 7th lobe hole) has been very popular. With fine jewellery it's very possible to pierce that really thin area.

Piercing muses:In the early days of my designing, I was really inspired by the elaborate ear jewellery and the amount of jewellery in pierced ears of Indian/Pakistani woman during wedding ceremonies.

Favourite piercing moment:Around eight years ago I pierced a row of five ear head/forward helixes and had to make it work with the earrings we had back before I started making Tash threaded jewellery. I custom bent and cut the sapphire jewellery for the piercing. They healed well and I was so pleased to see them years later when she came in to switch the pieces out for more modern jewellery.

First piercing:Other than my lobes, my first piercings were my helix and nostril.

Advice for piercing virgins:Do your homework, be comfortable with who is piercing you, and love the jewellery you pick out for your piercing as you usually have to wear it for a long time before you're healed.

Foolproof aftercare:Don't touch your piercing with dirty hands
Clean the piercing with something mild twice a day maximum - aftercare product of the moment is wound wash saline
Have clean bedding
Keep your hair products away from your fresh piercing

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