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AT HOME WITH Alice Stone

Lily and Lionel’s founder Alice Stone opens the doors to her Hampstead flat

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“The Slim Aarons collection came about after a close friend and I (Louise Garczewska, director of the Getty Images Gallery) produced a set of Slim Aarons scarves for the heads of Getty. They were so incredible we decided we had to produce them, so we waited for the right time and chose a few key stockists around the world.

It was quite difficult to pick which images to use because they are so epic and there are so many; Poolside Glamour is really iconic though, it’s actually hanging up in my hallway! I love the yellow tones of that piece, it’s a really uplifting colour in the summer, it really pops and it’s flattering to wear. You have to choose the prints by colour to make sure they all sit together, and make sure each one offers something different. After working with scarves for eight years I’ve become quite conditioned to seeing an artwork and knowing if it will translate to a scarf or not.

When I stared designing scarves in 2008 it was a huge niche, not many of the big fashion houses had scarves in their offer, whereas now I think [scarves are] a lot more readily available. We’ve always just stuck to the prints being the unique selling point of our pieces – we’ve always used digital prints but up until a few years ago a lot of it was photographic, now we start with hand-done ink drawings.”

“Scarves slowly became a passion of mine – I think that’s often the way, you live something in real life and fall in love with it.”

“I love Hampstead – I think I was probably supposed to live here. A few years ago when I lived in Belsize Park, I went for a really early morning stroll on the heath, it was the start of spring and the light was really beautiful. I took a picture on my iPhone of Hampstead Heath Lake with the houses reflected on the water, and it’s gone on to become one of the bestselling scarves we’ve ever done. I’ve always had a bit of a love affair with the heath!

When I was decorating the flat, I started with the art that I had – my amazing Thomas Campbell painting and an Ed Hodgkinson illustration that I got from my parents. My friend Kerri Lipsitz, owner of interior design company Old Brand New ID is a really talented interior designer and she made me my two small cushions. I don’t like loads of colour at home because I’m surrounded by colour and print all day – I like everything to be easy. I’m obsessed with scented candles too, it’s a bit of a problem, from Tom Dixon’s beautiful copper ones to little ones you find for two or three pounds when travelling.

When I’m not in a midi skirt and leather jacket, I live in silk blouses every day. We’re branching out into clothing and have created a collection of iconic silk blouses and ready-to-wear, the blouses [pictured above] are from the AW16 collection. I love vintage and I’m a bit of a magpie, my absolute favourite shop is in Milan, it’s called Cavalli e Nastri and it’s a lovely experience, you want everything in there. There’s some great stuff in Islington and Knightsbridge, too! Beauty-wise I love things that are natural, I’m a real fan of the REN Rose collection, and Molecule 01.

“Lily and Lionel were such a good team, I don’t think they spent a night apart in their whole marriage.”

My grandparents Lily and Lionel were amazing, in a nutshell. Lionel worked in fashion doing production, and my grandmother Lily was a seamstress in secret. She never worked, but she could walk past a dress in a shop window and go and make it, no pattern. When it came to naming my brand it was a bit of a no-brainer. . . at one point it was going to be!”

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