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Andrea Fohrman

California native Andrea Fohrman on her unique brand of fun, celestial inspiration

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"The first piece I made was a crescent moon, I’ve always been obsessed! There was no astrology behind it, I just thought the moon was pretty. I started getting into the actual phases of the moon after I developed that piece. I grew up on a mountain in northern California with really clear skies. My friends and I used to climb up and talk for hours while the moon was out, I think that’s where the connection began, then I translated it with jewellery."

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"When you really see someone having an emotional reaction, that’s why you craft and that’s why you create."

"Everything is both handmade and casted, I work with artisans in New York and L.A. I think it’s important to have both, a lot of jewellery lines just blur into each other but that’s just not me. I think it’s important to have a mix of metals, and an organic part along with a more refined part.”

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"I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t look good in turquoise! It will always be my favourite stone to wear. It brightens you up, and I like happy jewellery. The industry’s changed a lot since I’ve been in business, when I first started it was so serious. There were people who would only wear platinum, white gold and diamonds. It’s about people having a connection with a piece but also being able to wear it with anything."

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