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We talk gemstones, branding and unconventional proposals with Anna Sheffield

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Coming from a fine art background, Anna Sheffield has won a reputation for her exquisite, yet unusual, occasion jewellery. We sat down with the designer to find out how she keeps her finger on the pulse of jewellery design. . .

“ The most profound moments in design come from allowing yourself the confidence to surmount obstacles and to handle difficult changes with grace.”

Known for creating contemporary alternatives to traditional styles, Anna Sheffield has been straddling the worlds of business and art since her brand’s inception in 2007, “The most difficult part of being a designer and owning a business is striking that balance of creativity and logistics. It’s a complex system of right and left brain, but I love the challenges and finding those perfect happy mediums.”

Originally a sculptor, Sheffield’s transformation into jeweller and “left brained” businesswoman was a natural evolution, starting with “making more engagement rings and wedding bands for friends and friends of friends . . . and then for people who were seeking me out after seeing pieces I had made.”

Now with an established bridal collection, Sheffield’s sought-after pieces have played witness to some unusual proposals. “From tying the ring to a cat’s collar to getting down on one knee on the Brooklyn Bridge”, her unique combination of artistic flair and classic appeal has proved irresistible to prospective fiancés.

Part of the appeal of an Anna Sheffield engagement ring is the mix of stunning wearability and attention to detail. To achieve this, Sheffield says she keeps “muses” in mind to represent the facets of feminine nature, “the sweetheart, the aesthete, the chic downtown girl , and the refined rebel.”

Appealing to these archetypes all at once is no easy task, and a far cry from the personal nature of creating art in itself. Sheffield’s jewellery has evolved from “the sculpture I was making in college, I think one of the very first was the two finger ring. Now I make these rings with diamonds, which is a wonderful way for the design to have evolved! I still wear mine nearly every day.”

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