At Home with Jane Rockett

We go inside the Sussex home of Rockett St George co-founder Jane Rockett

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Along with her friend and business partner Lucy St George, Jane Rockett is one of the self-named UK design junkies behind Rockett St George. In nine years they’ve gone from flea markets to travelling the world, and Jane’s house is a monochrome testament to her creative eye. Step inside. . .

“Lucy and I always had a huge passion for interiors, we would go to car boot sales and flea markets and just find the most wonderful things. It’s much harder to do that these days; the world is so much smaller thanks to the internet, plus now people are much more savvy about what they’ve got so it’s much harder to find unique items. We travel and travel in order to be unique. When we started out, I’m going to sound old here, eBay didn’t really exist and the internet was very young. A lot of our friends would ask us to source things for them, so we started our online store.

When I moved into my house it was truly awful, it’s two cottages knocked together but the previous owners had split all the rooms to make them even smaller. We took all the fake walls and archways down so we’ve got bigger rooms now, I’ve got three children so wanted a real family home. The objective was to have space for them, and for it to be easy for me because I work all the time – there’s no lawn, for example, and the upstairs just absorbs my children and all their friends!

“I don’t buy anything for Rockett St George unless I want it myself”

Jane Rockett

I let my children make the creative decisions for their own rooms, it’s what my mother did for me and I really appreciated it - you have the freedom to find out who you are. When I was a teenager I had a huge David Bowie zig zag painted on my wall.

I don’t change my home that often – I’m a collector so I tend to build up rather than redecorate. I keep really special items and display them, and I’m a bit of a colourphobe – I don’t have colour in my home as much as I should.

If someone doesn’t have much budget or time, paint is absolutely the quickest and cheapest way to update a room. If you want to add drama, go dark! We’re big fans of dark paint at Rockett St George – you can also find wallpaper that won’t break the bank. If your lighting’s right it will change your world, dimmer switches and candles change the atmosphere instantly, everybody looks good!

“I like to sell things people are going to keep forever”

Jane Rockett

When you’re decorating, it’s really important to remember your own personality. If you’re a neat freak but want a bohemian interior, you can love it from afar but you’re not going to feel comfortable. I can appreciate bohemian style and Scandinavian clean lines but neither of those are right for me. Looking at what you wear is a good place to start.

Starting with a blank canvas can be intimidating. At Rockett St George we talk a lot about style spots: split your room into areas, for example the fireplace, the sofa area and the entrance, then style each one like a still life. For the fireplace you might choose a plant, a mirror and a chair to go beside it and suddenly that area’s done. Just do a bit at a time, start slowly, do one area and only move on to the next part of the room when you’re happy.”

Rockett St George is now open in-store on the fourth floor. Find out more >

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