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A new tropical print collection, celebrating a world of desert island delights

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For Liberty Fabrics lovers of every sensibility, we have a fabulous treat in store. In time for Spring/Summer 2017, we’re debuting an entrancing collection of original prints which take cues from the tropical diversity of the Balearic Islands.

Introducing Castaway, a new series of fabrics inspired by imaginings and musings from the sun-soaked shores of desert islands. Travel on a voyage through time as traditional Liberty prints are reimagined in surrealistic and aquatic forms and expressive palettes, bringing an explosion of wonderful colour to our core archive.

Vibrant marine corals sway delicately in crystalline water, while floating fauna and drifts of ocean foam evoke the gardenia of the sea bed. In the depths of the ocean, shoals of multicoloured fish dart between reeds, while manta rays lie camouflaged between intricate marine flowers. Elsewhere, residents of the treetops emerge in an eclectic menagerie, while an exotic assortment of tropical blooms unfurl in brightly-hued glory. High in the sky above, spiralling planets orbit in majestic fashion, surrounded by glittering constellations.

Whether you’re in the mood for safekeeping, considered crafting, or for buying for the sheer pleasure of beautiful print, the Castaway collection is one to treasure for prosperity. Browse four new stories below, encompassing original prints on Tana Lawn and silk.

Underwater Waltz
Prints: Reef, Paisley Corals, Sea Rose, Sea Grass, Paisley Buds, Corallium, Coral Camo, Marine
Exquisitely patterned paisley corals sway hypnotically in shallow waters, paying homage to the harmony of movement and colour that have long been inherent in Liberty Fabrics. Elsewhere pastel corralium, swirling sea grass and sprinklings of marine florals dance in waltz-like form to the rhythm of the waves. Freshen your wardrobe with a palette of oceanic colour: a softly draped coral reef shirt and a pair of wide-legged palazzo pants to billow in the spring breeze.

Island Dreaming
Prints: Aquatic Bloom, Beach Blossom, Floating Flora, Cactus Jungle, Silver Lining, Sea Foam, Flock
From the heart of the sea bed laced with floating flora and lashings of sea foam emerges a technicolour surprise: campion pink aquatic blooms and royal blue beach blossom rendered in brilliant colour, creating a multi-sensory delight that evokes the hidden bounty of the ocean. Summer’s just around the corner, so offbeat florals have never been a better investment - a tactile draw-waisted dress rendered in aquatic bloom is perfect for balmy days.

Sea Safari
Prints: Birds of Paradise, Desert Island Delivery, Caught, Mantaray, Reverie
Out of the desert island jungle comes a party of birds of paradise: mischievous parrots with scarlet plumage, haughty pink flamingos and beady-eyed toucans with green bills, poised to break into song. But not all the island inhabitants are so upfront: look carefully for the spangled stingrays, who lie in tightly interlocked formation to conceal their whereabouts. Kit out your kids in colour-pop board shorts and complementing cotton blazers for a cool weekend wardrobe, and your better half in a manta ray print bomber jacket.

Island Classic
Prints: Turtle Thief, Ibiza Berry, Aloha Betsy
Traditional Liberty print fabrics are reimagined in Island Classic as quaint floral blooms meet Ibiza berries, underwater creatures and spiralling shells in a fantastical pastiche. As creatures from the sea and shore merge their natural habitats, graphic shapes and pop-bright colours lift the surrealism into a humorous state of play. Look to the iconic blue and violet Betsy print for contemporary menswear, reinvigorated with starfish and sea shells for a sophisticated take on summer florals.

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