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De-clutter your home for spring

Livingetc’s Mary Weaver shares her advice for tackling the annual spring de-clutter head on

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Words: Mary Weaver, houses editor Livingetc

Don’t let the idea of de-cluttering overwhelm you – do it in small stages. One hour, 30 minutes, or even 5 minutes at a time – all those minutes will add up and result in a more streamlined home… and a clearer head.

1. Treat de-cluttering as a fun project rather than a dreaded chore and focus on the satisfaction you’ll feel once it’s done, not to mention the fabulously functional home you’ll soon be enjoying. Put on some music, pull on a pair of Marigolds and get those rubbish bags at the ready.

2. Start small by tackling the bathroom or a kitchen cupboard. Throw out anything out of date, broken, useless, unused (and that never will be), such as samples of moisturiser or oddly flavoured tea bags. Use the new-found space to arrange your remaining essentials in easy-to-find order.

3. Apply the 3-options rule to everything in your home that isn’t nailed down and be ruthless: clothes, gadgets, objets, books, cushions, photos – you’re sure to find lots more… Option 1: Keep – if it’s some essential/beautiful thing you can’t live without. Option 2: Donate – to a friend or the charity shop if you know you won’t wear/use it, but feel bad about throwing it out. Option 3: Chuck/recycle – if it’s something beyond redemption.

4. Create serene and stylish display areas. Bookshelves, open shelving, dressing tables and consoles can quickly become overstuffed with items. Edit them so they’re pleasing to the eye and good enough to be a focal point in their own right.

5. Forward planning. Remember – non-essential items clutter your life and sap your energy. Commit to a fresh start by not bringing home items you will not use and enjoy. And employ the one-in, one-out principle with new items – especially when it comes to clothes!

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