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Working makeup that looks effortless and natural is the goal of most fashionable women these days. And long before ”no makeup makeup” even became a thing there was Trish McEvoy. McEvoy has firmly established her status as a natural beauty saviour, while her beauty products have become a staple in women’s makeup bags on both sides of the Atlantic. With a new book The Makeup of a Confident Woman teaching women everywhere to tap into the transformational power of makeup, we caught up with Trish to talk beauty confidence, self-care and why makeup is a woman’s best accessory.

Tell us the story behind The Makeup of a Confident WomanNothing becomes a woman more than confidence. One of the pillars of confidence is beauty confidence. So many women want it but say they don't have the time. This book addresses the time dilemma while providing simple techniques that have been tested over decades to help women to make the most of their mirror time.

You care a lot about great skin – what things can British women do and buy and use to get better skin?Exfoliate gently each day. This reveals radiant new skin while enabling treatment products to absorb.

Use a serum high in hyaluronic acid in combination with an oil and SPF cream. This is a moisture regime that instantly plumps and reconstitutes skin while improving its moisture memory for the long haul. Hydration is key for generally delicate British skin, as is protection on those sunny holidays you love to take.

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Who is your beauty hero and why?Michelle Obama because she is The Makeup of a Confident Woman. She shines through her smile, her skin, her fitness and her fashion, inside and out. She is the portrait of strength, individualism, and kindness. As elegant as Jackie while writing her own rules.

How would you refresh your makeup routine in your thirties, fourties and fifties?As you age you have to restore what time takes away while celebrating the gift of time. You can't mask nature, but you can work with her.

Lip Gloss: In your thirties, refresh your look with a great gloss - it's an instant pick-me-up.
Concealer: In your forties, make sure your under-eyes aren't giving you away – keep the look of fatigue well concealed.
Gel Liner: In your fifties, a gel liner pencil applied invisibly between lashes and brow pencil if brows are at all sparse. These will be your best beauty friends as they refresh your definition.

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How can you tell when a woman’s makeup routine is dated – and what tips, techniques for use and products can overhaul a tired routine?A dated look is when it looks like you're wearing foundation, something that's totally unnecessary with the sophisticated formulas available today. Invest in a thin-feeling, water-light formula that makes skin feel like skin while of course getting the job done. When you need coverage and pigment, build light textures and layers so the overall feel is as natural as a second skin.

What are your top 3 makeup products and tips for improving confidence?Foundation and concealer for youthful and even skin. Mascara to make the lashes thicker and longer for a more defined eye. A dual-texture lip and cheek colour to dress up the face.

What is your favourite makeup item or skin care item, and why?Instant Eye Lift, I can’t live without it, this would be my desert island product. It brightens darkness and hollows but at the same time optically diffuses lines and bags so it literally gets every under-eye concern in one. To top things off it hydrates and firms skin while you wear it. So you're getting instant gratification and long-term benefits, what could be better.

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You are a massive advocate for your beauty planner – is this because you are obsessively organised, or because you are naturally messy?Every woman should have a Makeup Planner because it fits the most makeup in the least amount of space and keeps it all right at your fingertips! It therefore IMPROVES her sense of calm through organisation, and improves the way she looks because it makes the most of her mirror time. It's portable so keeps her mobile without her ever having to skip a step. There is simply no going back once you replace cluttered vanities, drawers, and bags with one orderly zip-around binder of makeup.

Do you have any interesting or fun Liberty stories to share?So many! Liberty is a very special home for me as Ed Burstell brought me there just as he did my very first store, Henri Bendel in New York, so many years ago. He opened the door to my entire journey and Liberty has been one of my very happiest homes since I joined. I especially love exploring Liberty prints and was proud of the exclusive Planner collaboration we did a few years back.

Tell us your top beauty indulgences for Mother's Day gifts this yearThere is not a mother on Earth who doesn't need my new Beauty Booster Oil. It is an avant-garde #OilForAll that instantly makes any skin type look and feel its radiant, supple, new-normal best. It even refreshes makeup over the course of a long day!

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