Summer Fitness With Amy Lawrenson

Whether you’re jetting off or holidaying at home, staying on track can be tricky during the season of ice cream and long afternoons

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Fitness junkie and beauty editor Amy Lawrenson is no stranger to the post-holiday workout slump. Read her top tips for prepping before you go, staying active while you’re away and getting back on the bandwagon once you’ve touched back down.

Before you go
I do a lot of weightlifting; when you’ve got a certain amount of muscle in your body it becomes a furnace that’s much better at metabolising food and burning calories, so you can get away with going on holiday. I used to be a real cardio fan, and I found if I stopped for a week I’d put on half a stone. The weightlifting has made such a difference; I used to think the weights section was quite a daunting place, but now I’ve done a personal training course I’ve realised half the men in there were lifting incorrectly. Knowledge is power – as soon as you know what you’re doing you feel instantly more confident.

While you’re there
This sounds really geeky, but because my boyfriend and I are quite fitness-focussed we try and find somewhere we can stay with a gym already there. If you haven’t got a gym there are loads of things you can do, one year we took resistance bands with us and worked out on the balcony. Have a look for workout videos before you go because there are lots of different types.

Looped resistance bands
Do crab walks! Have your hands and feet on the floor and loop the band around your legs, then walk sideways to work your thighs. Also, target the glutes and thighs by moving side to side in a squat position with the band around your legs.

Some bands have handles on the end so you can do things like rowing, you can hook them round your feet or stand on them and do bicep curls.

If you’re feeling really dedicated you can take a TRX [home gym kit] but the resistance bands are really lightweight so great for travel. I also do a lot of swimming and try to run on sand because that makes it harder, plus I go out early in the morning or later in the evening when it’s not as hot. I might do one of the above about three or four times on a ten day holiday, you’re there to relax and I see it as a time to recharge as well.

Beauty kit
I love Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque), with any kind of hot weather you need to rehydrate your skin. I love the Daily Microfoliant) too, and obviously an SPF is essential.

After you’re home
It’s really hard to get back into the habit once you’ve been on a nice holiday, but even when I’ve been busy at work for a couple of weeks it can feel like I’m back to square one. It’s really important to schedule time in your diary for the gym and stick to it, or go with a friend. I’m less likely to bail if I know my friend’s going! If you’re relatively fit you should be able to pick up pretty much at the level you were on.

Find something you’re excited to try, if it’s still summer doing something outdoors is fun, like standing-up paddleboard yoga! I want to try acro-yoga too. Injecting a bit of fun helps you feel like it’s not all doom and gloom after a holiday.

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