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Makeup artist to the stars Troy Surratt launched his collection in 2014. An instant hit thanks to unique, Japanese-inspired textures and rich, buildable colour, Surratt makeup is now a firm favourite in our beauty hall. Troy let us into the whirlwind world of an international makeup guru. . .

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What would you say is your ethos as a makeup artist? I would describe my ethos as taking a classic approach to beauty, but always with a modern sensibility. I think it’s important to be trend aware without being trend obsessed which is really what the Surratt beauty line is all about—innovative products, textures and colours that are highly wearable and easy to use. As a makeup artist, I approach each of my clients as individuals with the goal of enhancing their best qualities.

What is it about Japanese beauty products that inspired your own line? I’ve been going to Japan for over 13 years. My obsession with the Japanese beauty market has garnered me the nickname “Beauty Otaku (Beauty Obsessive)” amongst my friends in Japan; it’s their attention to detail and pursuit of perfection and mastery that I’m so enamoured with and inspired by.

Which product are you most proud of? Having to answer that question feels like Sophie’s Choice! Honestly, I’m proud of each product in the collection. I'm constantly asked what my hero products are and I always explain that I’ve tried to create a Justice League of all superhero products!

What do you love about Liberty? What I personally love about Liberty is that it’s a magical place of discovery! For the early adopter and influencer, Liberty is a place to find newness and buy unique things that you've never seen before. There’s something new to discover on every floor and yet there’s a comfort, charm, and ease to the store that's never intimidating.

Why do you think Surratt fits in so well here? I believe cosmetics have become a modern accessory and a medium for self-expression. Makeup has the power to enhance or completely reinvent and the Liberty girl is always looking for new ways to express her personality and creativity through her personal style. Surratt was conceptualised for that very girl, who is always looking for the newest and best.

What three products should women always carry? I always say that the perfect red lipstick in your makeup bag is like having the perfect little black dress in your wardrobe. It instantly dresses you up and is always appropriate. An eyelash curler is also essential. Curling your eyelashes is the easiest and most effortless thing that you can do to brighten your eyes. Finally, black mascara can be all you need to define the eye area and finish off a perfectly-curled lash. It goes with any outfit and is like an exclamation point at the end of any beauty statement!

What would you love to change about the way we wear makeup? One should have an irreverent approach to makeup. It should be fun, it should not be taken too seriously. I hate beauty rules! There are some general guidelines to consider, but I really dislike words like never and always. In my opinion, applying your makeup should be an enjoyable and creative way to express yourself. Be experimental—at the end of the day, it washes off.

Who’s your favourite makeup muse? I was a teenager of the 80s who realised the power of makeup through the British New Wave invasion. Some of my biggest influences are Boy George, Annie Lennox and Duran Duran. Particularly I loved the way Boy George used makeup to express and reinvent himself.

Makeup pet hate? Approaching makeup like a solution or a fix-it to a ‘problem’. Makeup should be an extension of creative self-expression and should not be thought of as a means to correct or repair something about yourself.

Best makeup tip? Deep, rich velvety lips continue to look chic and current to me. Shades of saturated reds and full-bodied wines are my favourites for fall. I also adore the fuller feathered brows that we continue to see. But, I think that my best beauty tip is to go out into the world every day with a warm heart and a smile on your face!

Makeup tip for living in a city? The essentials for the urban girl to keep in her backpack or tote are: first and foremost, breath mints and lip balm. For on-the-go touch-ups, keep your hands germ-free with anti-bacterial wipes or hand sanitiser. Blotting paper is a quick and easy way to remove excess oil or shine and prevent makeup from caking or building up throughout the day. Finally, a great powder like Surratt Diaphane Loose Powder Compact in Matte will set your makeup, mattify your skin, and refine the appearance of pores.

What’s next for Surratt? I’m in the midst of developing several exciting new products, Stay tuned!

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