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Introducing IDEO Parfumeurs

Founders Ludmila and Antoine Bitar introduce their new collection, and share their passion for perfume

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IDEO Parfumeurs launches at Liberty this spring with four core fragrances: A Weekend in Fountainbleau, Prison Blues, London to Mumbai and Malika’s Temptation. Featuring inspirations ranging from Delacroix paintings to the adventures of Lord Mountbatten, the collection reflects this globetrotting couple’s passion for perfume and storytelling talent.

Ludmila: We’ve travelled the world, and for me the best place to grow is London. Liberty is the centre of it all for me, because we wanted to build a relationship with local people.
Antoine: Liberty is all about tradition but it’s also exceptionally modern, it’s like us! Rooted in history and tradition, but modern and innovative at the same time.
Ludmila: I think our perfumes are unique because they’re a bridge between different cultures. I don’t look to trends and I don’t smell the competition, what I create is really me. At the same time, I really want to come back to traditional French know-how in perfume, back to the 19th century when perfume was created exclusively for royalty. I mix things I believe smell good, and I don’t over-intellectualise the creative process. It’s like couture, like Dior or Coco Chanel – when you look at their creations they’re actually very simple.


A Weekend in FountainbleauThis fragrance is Antoine and Ludmila’s tribute to nature’s seductive qualities; a spritz of this neroli, jasmine, rose, patchouli and sandalwood scent is designed to transport you to the 15th century grand forest at Fountainbleau.

Prison BluesHailing from Beirut, the Middle East’s cultural capital, Antoine and Ludmila are a truly international couple. Prison Blues is a spicy scent dusted with oud, bridging a gap from East to West.

London to Mumbai“As British as a gin and tonic,” this perfume is Lord Mountbatten meets Mumbai barbershop. Bergamot, lemon and lavender capture traditional eau de cologne, while ginger, cinnamon and clover add some heat.

Malika’s TemptationMalika (meaning queen in Arabic) embodies the theme of a woman as an enchantress. Praline coated roses, ylang ylang, cedar and sweet amber make for a heady, mesmerising scent.

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