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Sadie MacLeod founded her website, Hip & Healthy, in 2012. With a passion for all-round wellness that lasts, Macleod shares her top tips for wellness in January and beyond. . .

In a nutshell, what do you hope people get from Hip & Healthy?Inspiration. I want people to be inspired to become the best version of themselves; to look after themselves in the best way possible. I hope that we also provide them with the tools to do that, whether that is in the form of a great article on eating well, an interview with an expert in mindfulness or from our super chic activewear that will inspire them to work out when they wake up.

What are your top tips for staying on the wellness wagon throughout the whole year, not just for January?I think the best tip I could give is to keep it up in February and March – once you get that far with your new healthy lifestyle you’ll be hooked and you will love the way it makes you feel so much you won’t need any external motivation – it will come from within. Plus, try not to focus on cutting anything out but adding good stuff in such as a green juice, a morning run, herbal tea - it’s a much more fun way to approach a healthier lifestyle and you’re more likely to stick at it if you enjoy the process.

What's the best advice you've ever been given when it comes to sticking to a fitness or health regime?If you are introducing a new workout, do it with a friend – you’re much less likely to cancel if you know you will be letting someone other than just yourself down.

What are the most common mistakes people make when making healthy changes in their lives?Cutting everything out so that the whole things becomes restrictive, boring and really hard to stick to. We truly believe that being healthy means adding in an abundance of good things!!

Where do you think health, beauty and wellness cross over?If you are healthy, happy and calm you’ll be your most beautiful. FACT.

Has the beauty and health industry changed at all since you founded Hip & Healthy in 2012?Enormously. When I first set up Hip & Healthy I had a hard time trying to convince people that being healthy was a cool way to live. Now it is one of the UK’s fastest growing markets.

Do you see mindfulness sitting under the same umbrella as fitness? If so, why?Definitely - you have to work at meditation and mindfulness to maintain a healthy mind, just like you have to exercise consistently to maintain a healthy body.

What's your advice for balancing body, mind and diet with a busy lifestyle?Organisation is the key to balance. Try and lay out your workout clothes the night before you plan to go to the gym. Cook extra of your healthy supper and bring it into work the next day as your lunch. Schedule a ten minute mediation into your day.

Health and beauty jargon (alkaline diet, HIIT etc) can be confusing to someone new to it, what's your advice for navigating this sometimes intimidating world and choosing a path that's right for you?Talk to the experts – whether that is a nutritionist, personal trainer or beauty therapist – they will be able to help steer you in the right direction. Then try it out and choose the path you enjoy the most.

How much damage does a period of indulgence actually do to your body, and how do you recommend getting back into healthy habits if you've slipped?It depends entirely on how long the period and how much indulgence! But if we are talking about Christmas time it is so important to relax and enjoy it. I worry that we all do far more damage by reprimanding ourselves afterwards. As for getting back into healthy habits – start with one thing and grow from there. Start by having a green juice every day, then maybe add in a workout and then perhaps add green powders to your juice and have a detoxing bath with Epsom Salts – all these things sound so nice to me!

Your Healthiest Year Yet. . .

January:Start a gratitude Journal

February:Sweat every day

March:Have a morning green juice

April :Swap coffee for Matcha

May:Give your make up bag a detox

June:Try making four new healthy meals from cookbooks

July:Read a book that will help push you in life (such as Thrive, Lean In or Money and Mindfulness)

August:Introduce yoga or Pilates and feel the benefits of stretching

September:Take up a new hobby

November:Give to charity

December:Eat more mindfully

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