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As the exclusive new brand launches at Liberty, we talk eco-friendly beauty with founder Marcia Kilgore

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Set to start a revolution in the world of beauty, Soaper Duper’s skin-friendly, eco-friendly – and just down-right friendly – formulas have finally landed. Brand new for 2016 and available exclusively at Liberty, this hotly-tipped body care brand has already been making waves pre-launch. And with its dedication to naturally-derived ingredients, Ross Lovegrove-designed packaging and projects supporting Water Aid and Clean the World, is it any wonder? We get the full lowdown from Marcia Kilgore – the woman who started it all.

What influenced you to start the brand? The ZEITGEIST. I looked at the issues that we have created for ourselves (myself included) with our collective lack of consciousness: we’re saddled with landfill, climate change, plastic oceans, water shortage, pollution, unsustainability, fish eating our exfoliators. And I looked at the worry that’s out there around certain ingredients, and I realised that we could create a fun brand that could act as a mouthpiece for being more conscious, without using ingredients that people have concerns about (whether founded or unfounded) – because it’s never fun to be scared of your shampoo.

We wanted to build a brand that would demonstrate that, as consumers, we can have amazing product, with fun design, without any of the usual suspect ingredients, in simple recyclable packaging, and that gives something back to the community, at a very affordable price point.

Having a loveable brand opens up the opportunity for conversations with customers (who doesn’t read the back of their shower gel bottle?) in which you can inspire them to think just a little bit more carefully about their daily choices. Our entire team thinks differently about product development now – across every category. If we can get a million people to think differently, that’s the icing on the cake.

Why soap? Why not? People use it every day! (At least the people we like to spend time with). In fact, we’re also doing scrubs and butters and lotions and hand cream, and will follow with lip balms, shampoo and conditioner, anything you wash with, really. The soaps and butters and lotions are first off the manufacturing line, and Liberty is launching those with us first!

What’s the ethos behind Soaper Duper? In a nutshell (which I will hashtag for effect) we believe that #soapcanchangeeverything. That a small wave like the ethos that Soaper Duper represents can reach millions of people’s consciousness, simply by being out there and trying to do it better, to be more considered, to think about the footprint we leave behind.

Soaper Duper is a collection of amazing products at a killer price point, with high percentages of naturally-derived ingredients in each, none of the ‘usual suspects’, packaged in simple, recyclable plastic bottles, and jars and tubes with an understanding that everybody needs soap and clean water, and a mission to not only sell it, but help provide it to people who don’t have access to it!

We believe in making #soapforthefuture.

Can you tell us anything about what’s in development post-launch? Shampoos, conditioners, lip balms, foot creams, anything we can make under the same umbrella with the same underlying ethos.
We just want to do what we do across as many products as possible, and are hoping to inspire our customers – every day – to join us in thinking about what they leave behind.

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