Flowers For Hours

Leave a trail through sun-soaked plains, country gardens and sprawling scrubland with the floral scents that bloom on contact

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D.S. & Durga Cowboy Grass

A perfume for the inner outlaw. The first fragrance from Brooklyn duo D.S. & Durga is an olive green-tinted panorama of the Wild West in strokes of sagebrush, thyme and vetiver. Kicking up clouds of dust and gun smoke, this full-bodied, herbaceous scent mellows on contact to reveal a secret heart of rose.

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des Garçons Avignon

The third fragrance from the house’s celebrated Incense series is a holy trinity of frankincense, myrrh and sweet cedar, a solemn offering winding upwards through the soaring nave of Avignon’s cathedral. Soothing camomile flowers peek out amid the resins, tempering the smoky intensity of this cult classic.

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Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower

With its notoriously high dose 
of costly natural tuberose, Carnal Flower offers an invitation to
 the grand tour of the flower. Tuberose is so rich it can almost be too much of a good thing. But Carnal Flower is oxygenated with fresh eucalyptus, so one never faints from its swooning scent. Sensual and vibrant with just a hint of sweetness.

Shop Keiko Mecheri

Keiko Mecheri Mogador

Should you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Essaouira, Morocco, look closely: you may spot a six-petalled rose, the ancient symbol of this port city once known as Mogador, carved above a doorway. Refined and unassumingly powerful, Keiko Mecheri’s fragrance is a perfect rendering of a rose in full bloom. Sunlit bergamot and green-leaf notes take it into high definition.

Shop Isabey

Isabey Gardénia

Arguably the most luscious and creamy of all gardenia perfumes, with a just-ripe pear note. Isabey’s heavy-petalled scent creates an experience as steamy as entering a tropical glasshouse, making you melt and slow down to savour the humid air. A true floral with a luminous, heady finish.

Shop Bella Freud

Bella Freud Je t’aime Jane

A study in undone glamour and messed-up hair — there’s too much fun going on to remember to grab a hairbrush. Je t’aime Jane offers serious trail, beckoning you on a barefoot stroll over carpets
of jasmine with glimmers of hyacinth. A base of musks will leave a nuzzly-smelling imprint on the cuffs of your Bella Freud sweater. Ultra-feminine and undeniably seductive.

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