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Makeup – Florrie White

Against the backdrop of exotic prints on sumptuous silks, brocades and velvets, the beauty of The Belle Époque is, by contrast, decadent only in its minimalism: flawless skin and expert definition, lit with a radiant glow. Go behind the scenes and get the look, courtesy of makeup artist Florrie White.

First cleanse and moisturise, taking just a minute or two to massage the product into your skin. This will help plump and prime it – fundamental for a fresh, modern look as you will find you use less foundation.

Next, apply your foundation around the nose and blend it outwards. Generally, you will need more coverage here and less over the rest of your face.

Pinpoint any blemishes and dark shadows under the eyes with a small concealer brush. Melt the product under the eyes with your ring finger, using a rolling movement so as not to drag the delicate skin in this area.

Brush brows up and along and fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil or a slanted brush and an eyebrow powder. Create a light shadow under the hairs to give the illusion of more fullness, avoiding a heavy graphic shape. Set with an eyebrow gel.

Add a natural luminosity with a cream highlighter along the tops of your cheeks up to the temples. Melt it into the skin with your fingers.

Smile to find the apples of the cheeks and, with your middle finger, apply dots of cream blush onto the plumpest point of the cheek, blending up and out towards the temples. Keep the highest concentrate of the product to the middle of the apples of the cheek.

Apply a warm chocolate brown cream along the roots of the top lashes and blend out and up to the crease. Also smudge the product into the roots of the lower lashes.

Curl eyelashes then apply at least three coats of mascara, alternating between eyes to let the coats dry before applying the second and third layer. Used subtly, a few individual lashes applied to the outer corner of the upper lash line will help add fullness here.

Over moisturised lips, with the excess product removed with a tissue, line your lips with a nude pencil one shade darker than your natural lip colour. Fill in your lips with a matte shade of lipstick such as a berry stain to enhance the shape.

With a small powder brush apply a translucent powder under the eyes, the middle of the forehead, down the nose and along the chin.

There you have it: a subtle yet striking look that will push your features into high-definition.

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