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Make Your Facial Last Longer

Wish your skin could feel post-facial great every day? We asked skincare expert Alexandra Soveral to share her top tips for maintaining your skin between facials

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STEP 1: DEEP PORE CLEANSE Massage your cleanser into the face and neck. Using vigorous movement here will create heat within the facial tissues and activate circulation; concentrate on areas that have blackheads or that are dry or sun damaged. Regular use of a product like Angel Balm will ensure pores start to detoxify and minimise without you having to resort to extractions.

STEP 2: PURIFYING & FIRMING MASK... Now your skin is clean and the circulation stimulated, apply your mask, avoiding the eyes and ensuring the mask also covers under the chin and behind the ears where the glands are. Leave for 15 minutes, then remove with a damp face cloth. This has the dual benefit of extracting impurities while lifting and toning.

STEP 3: MASSAGE... While skin is damp from the previous step, massage oil into the neck towards the glands at the back of the ears, then massage over the face using circular movements upwards and outwards. Then, deeply massage through the forehead and frown line. This will tone and lift the facial tissues to rid muscles of toxins and tension. Creating heat through massage allows oil to penetrate deeply; make sure you don’t use too much so you can get a grip on the muscles beneath the skin.

STEP 4: EYE DRAINAGE & LIFT... Dab a tiny amount of eye cream (the size of a grain of rice) in a circle around each eye socket. Using the tips of your middle fingers, massage in by drawing circles around the eyes; go down from the outer corner of each eye towards the bridge of the nose and then up and out to the corners of the eyebrows. Finish by giving the eyebrows ten second squeezes from temple to top of nose.

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