The Nourishment Need-to-Know

Amelia Freer, nutritional therapist and author of Eat Nourish Glow, guides you through her five point plan to help you to nourish your mind, body and soul...

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Making simple, permanent changes to your lifestyle should be a rewarding, positive process - whether it’s becoming more experimental in the kitchen or investing in a few key tools or gadgets to encourage you to eat more mindfully and healthily every day.

1. Buy Real Food: This is the first step to transforming your eating habits. If your kitchen cupboards and fridge are full of foods that are natural and good for you, you are less likely to eat foods that can cause you harm when willpower is weak. The quality of the foods you choose is important too – I really encourage sticking to foods that are in season and preferably organic. I adore the Liberty tea towel that shows which vegetables and fruits are in season so you know what to buy and when.

2. Cook For Yourself: Returning to the kitchen and cooking from scratch improves consciousness around food - and good equipment really helps! A good blender, sharp knives and a chopping board are all key. Invite friends over so eating is fun and social - I love displaying food beautifully and presenting friends and family with a tray laden with enticing and nourishing foods. And a recipe book holder is a neat way of keeping your recipe book open on the side whilst you cook.

3. Keep It Simple: Meals don’t have to be grand affairs involving hours of preparation and complex ingredients. Just select your protein of choice – wild fish, organic meats or eggs – add some flavour with herbs and spices and pair with fresh vegetables or a salad. If time is short a boiled egg in a pretty egg cup, with steamed asparagus to dip in, is one of all-time favourite meals at any time of day!

4. Hydrate: Staying hydrated is as important as eating the right foods. Water is key. So often my clients are confusing thirst with hunger and end up snacking when all they need to do is drink more water. Avoid sodas and fruit juices which contain far too much sugar. Instead drink water as much as possible. I always have a jug on my desk so water is never far away. Adding berries, herbs or cucumber and allowing them to infuse your water is a simple way of enhancing the taste – get creative with your hydration.

5. Relax: Taking time out to relax is also essential for health. I like to start with skin brushing, using a loofah, then take a long bath in magnesium salts which stimulates the lymphatic system and relaxes tired muscles - it’s my ultimate stress-busting routine.

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